The project "Medieval History. An Introduction for University Students" was designed for beginning students and members of the general public with historical interests as an introduction to the professional study of history. One of its main goals is to lay the conceptual foundations for an engagement with the Middle Ages that goes beyond cliches to help viewers build a problem-oriented and open-ended sense of medieval history.
Our point of departure was the question of how to use digital media to situate basic research processes, researchers and institutions in their natural environment, and to show how researchers work using genuine primary sources from the Middle Ages. We decided to use film as well, the first time it has been used in this way. Above all, we hope this introduction stirs your interest, because medieval history is an exciting and vital field.


Januar 2011: Publication: Mathias Kluge, Mittelalterliche Geschichte: Eine Digitale Einführung in das Studium, In: Hiram Kümpner (Hg.) eLearning & Mediävistik. Mittelalter lehren und lernen im neumedialen Zeitalter, Frankfurt a.M. 2011 (= Beihefte zur Mediaevistik, Bd. 16)
June 2009: This project was translated into English in collaboration with the German Historical Institute (Washington D.C.) by Prof. Dr. Andrew Colin Gow (University of Alberta, in Edmonton/Kanada)
Monastic archives, Neuburg (1950)